(03 April 1964 / Johannesburg, South Africa)

Beyond Sworn Reality


Beyond sworn reality
there is a dimension where the world is threadbare,
far away from the natural familiarity

reality is being fabricated,
outside of the terms of time,
there is a place where another reality does start,

far beyond midnight
time is totally lost,
somewhere in the last part of the night

and the subconscious tries to find a way to it,
in dreams do build a magic carpet
that can find a bridge to that place,

then there is a world that suddenly does appear,
that usually at daylight wears out
and does disappear away into the naught.


Sometimes however strange objects are being seen,
people see blinding lights in the sky
when unknown forces do work in on nature,
do believe that extra-terrestrial beings do want to find them,

do want to measure strange energy fields
as proof that other alien entities are present on this planet,
it's as if they do know something about strange things,
are trying to do scientific research into unknown knowledge.

Yet it is know that a war does wage
between Michael and his forces
against the demonic evil forces of darkness
and at times this war wages everywhere

and between all of this humanity is caught
when words and deeds do let hang the destiny
of men in the balance.
[Poet's Note:"Michael (Hebr., "who is like God") , called St Michael in the Christian churches,
one of the seven archangels in Judaism, Christianity, and Islam, presumed to be leader of the
angels (see Daniel 10: 13,21; 12: 1)and guardian angel of Israel. According to the
pseudepigraphic Book of Enoch, Michael and his command of faithful troops defeated the
rebellious archangel Lucifer and his followers, casting them into Hell. In the Talmud, his
relationship to the other angels is compared with that on earth of the high priest to Israel; thus, he
is considered the immediate lawgiver to the prophet Moses on Sinai (see Acts 7: 38) ." Microsoft
Encarta Encyclopedia.]

© Gert Strydom

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