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My Childhood Memories

Childhood memories are often steeped in mystery.
The older we get the memories exclude
sometimes things we might find painful as we journeyed on.
I tried to visualise my childhood as a happy one,
though I know in my heart it was a very much lonely one.
Not only was I shy, but I never mixed very well.
I spent so much of my time nearly always on my own.
The only exciting time I can remember
was one summer I spent with friends of my father
whom I referred to as Aunt Elsie and Uncle Jim.
For the two months I spent with them
in a small town called Allison
hold some of the best memories of my childhood.
It was away from my parents
and into someone’s house that cared.
I went fishing every day
in the stream at the end of the garden,
made many friends
and had one of the most enjoyable times
of my childhood
that will always live within me.

5-6 June 2008

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Yes, even in enlightenment darkness can intrude & shatter peaceful dreams with horrors out of hell itself juxtaposing street crime & genocide is such a pairing of hellishness that angels weep & light blinks out unable or unwilling to perceive brutality's vicious starkness. A powerful and moving poem.
Wasn't expecting such blatantly brutal and disturbing imagery, Charles. It's shaken me, but of course, I couldn't turn away. An extremely high-impact poem. Warm regards, Gina.
Glad I woke up and had some coffee before I took this read on charles. An excellent display of a sad truth. The human ability to continue breeding though without moral conscious, has always left me in wonder.
Brilliant as ever. The tragedy of humanity!