* Beyond The Art Ache...

Imagine yourself an artist,
The brush within your hand,
The gentle motion of the wrist,
For hours there to stand...
With the smell of paint that lingers,
Upon the canvas wall
And, of course, upon the fingers,
Before you wash them all...

Imagine yourself as patient,
Enough no more to ask,
As if the Lord had stationed
Yourself for just this task...
And bade you stand the whole day there,
Your artistry to prove,
I wonder how long you would care
Before you chose to move...

Imagine yourself as willing,
Each art ache to endure,
For your subjects look so thrilling
You could not want for more...
White tigers or an elephant,
An eagle flying high,
Their beauty so significant,
You dare not pass them by...

Imagine paintings you have done
That families can own,
Fine art prints, sold by the million,
Because of you alone...
That must be worth each art ache,
The times they took their toll,
For what a difference God can make
When God stays in control...

Imagine such a legacy
Each artist leaves behind,
The beauty and the majesty
To bless both heart and mind...
I merely sit and write in rhyme,
Reminding you of such,
God bless the artist so sublime
God grants the magic touch...

Denis Martindale, copyright January 2016.

Poem based on so many hundreds of magnificent
wildlife paintings by artist Stephen Gayford.
Google-search as well as image search for the
gayfordgallery and 'Stephen Gayford poetry'.

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