Beyond The Blue

As I stood in the shadows watching children play
One small boy with tear dimmed eyes slowly walked away
He kneeled beneath an old oak tree like he was going to pray
I had to stay and listen as I heard the small boy say

Dear God I hope you're not too busy so I can have a talk with you
I'll try not to take much time I know you have a lot to do
I'll try to speak quite clearly so you'll know just what I say
You see I'm feeling lonely and I was told to pray

You see I was so very small when my Daddy went away
And it was hard to understand that he had gone to stay
My Mama always told me and I know that it is true
That someday we will meet with Daddy somewhere beyond the blue

She said that Daddy told her just before he went away
That he was sure we could feel closer if we would take the time to pray
He said he would be waiting and watching from above
Just his soul was going with him he was leaving all his love

It won't be easy waiting but I'll do the best I can
And each time when I get lonely I'll talk with you again
I will try to comfort Mamma until our time down here is thru
And again we'll meet with Daddy somewhere beyond the blue

by Herb Trewhitt

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