Where am I?
Am I in the sky?
I am not here,
and I am not there.

Where am I?
What of when I die?
I will not know,
and neither will you.

Who am I?
Do You know?
I'm not a guy,
Not part of the show.

What am I?
I don't even know.
My life is a memory,
and it too will go.

by Alex Walker

Comments (3)

This is a quiet poem to read when civilization gets the best of you...better than a martini! Thanks for this, Peter. Raynette
A secret garden! As a child, it was always my wish to find a hidden doorway in a stone wall hidden by brambles and hedges etc.This enchanting poem reminded me of a place that my family would holiday at every year in Dorset. My sister and I found a beautiful place hidden behind a big stone wall, it was just like this.
It is so great to know such magical places exist in nature. I loved this poem - and I am sure all nature-lovers will too. Philippa