Beyond The Horizons...

Beyond these trees tall and these fields green
I see the horizons a strange sight.
It`s the marriage of the sky and the earth.
A gaze tranquilises my pains.
And I am transported into a world of bliss.

Beyond the the pride of the seen around
Lingers the ego of the unknown!
Banished from the joys of the little ones
My adulthood explores the heights far still
And a strange smile conquers on my face.

Beyond the horizons I see nothing now
Perhaps I need those glimpses later.
The present will soon begin to impoverish me
Delighting the egos of my inner self
And then I shall fly unto the world beyond the horizons.


Comments (2)

Another truly amazing poem! I believe this poem to be one of your best as it spoke to me! ! Keep up the good work! Rhiannon*
What is seen is not real and what is unseen is real. This is the fun in the God's creations. The sky touches the earth in the horizon but it is not real. Air is not seen but it is real. Like this we can go on saying many examples. A nice poem.