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Beyond The Lines, Beyond
AB (1973 / Tehran)

Beyond The Lines, Beyond

Poem By Alireza Behnam

Your voice is lost
Beyond the interrupting lines
And you are walking through the jangle of jangles
Your voice how far away
Doesn’t reach the ears of statue that is me
The 'battle of your voice to my ears' plashes
How far away
And cables store the lines more and more
I cross the voice streams
To reach a lost lake in the jangle of jangles
Cuckoo signs untimely, the jangle signs
The jangle is interrupting and 'koo? Koo? '1
Where is your voice, your breathing
And that embrace being warmed with you
Signs the cuckoo
Here your voice is brought out of lines
Beyond all the conversation in the world
It is lost
It is found
It scats
It signs
Reaches to the ears of statue that is me

1 Koo in Persian has dual meaning its first meaning is the sound of cuckoo and the second one is 'Where is? '

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