Beyond The Mountain

Daydream Believer
you have taken all I have
No more able to see the truth
There is nothing
from this I can save

It's so much easier
than handling the truth
These fantasies that
you feel
when you hide behind
your imagination
with the daydreams
that you conjure as real

If you had more faith
in your ability
and you learned to trust
your own heart
you'd wake up to
a new reality
and a belief
that would
give you the start

Accept a new and wonderful
that running away to a fantasy
is for the weak
Then something inside you
will say stay here and try
and demand it's your right
to speak

Daydream believer
time to open your eyes
and see reality at last
Where the effort you apply
will not mean goodbye
and the results of your
strength will be cast

Don't run away
or try to hide
in a world of your imagination
for when you open your eyes
to your surprise
you'll see your future is your own

by Janice M Pickett

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