FRA (March 29 / Cabagan, Isabela, Philippines)

Beyond The Pillars Of Intellect

Within the walls of this holy temple
I have been put to shame by the mind of a Child
Exploring from his place what lies
Beyond the pillars of intellect,
And creating us to be compelled to grasp
Infinity with the anguish of belief.

The Child is gone, and felt presence
Takes the place of the lamps I burn
To no avail. Cold comfort of facts
Is manna to our hunger here.
I shuidder now that the veil is rent
That covered an inner sanctum
For a thousand years.
Aristotle was not allowed to see this,
Was left to contemplate rolling
Boulders uphill and question square-ciurcles!

The hour is solemn. Here
Is a phenomenon that curses the tongues
Of modern cynics content to feel
The marble prisonand trace its cracks.
But already the new air comes to fill my lungs,
And sunlight, to clothe my nakedness.

I tremble in this paradise
Where names are given by another
Refusing to reveal identities.
Everything is not as it was before,
And I live in a rich world
Fluxing with metaphor.

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