Beyond The Power Of Your Prayers

I am beyond the help of prayer...I am in the abyss of a double life
One which I brought upon myself and another Fate has dealt me
I was preyed upon and cast into the belly of the Beast
Its lies and deceit washed me in a digestive saliva
Breaking down all of my defenses and leaving me ready
To become nothing more than excrement...
Prayers can't help that kind of shit....


by Ted Sheridan

Comments (4)

Geez Ted, it's just a bad spell, these kind of days....they end, honest they do, that I can really attest to being true.........Your comments lift me up even on my darkest days and I'm thankful for that......remember the good in you and all you do for others through your words.........hugs, marci.xo
Sometimes the world gets heavy, my friend. You are a hero in my eyes in so very many ways, Ted. Your courage shines through every word of your poetry. It makes the world a little better of a place, Ted.
That's all true, Ted. Whatever way you choose to express it, shit is shit, and no amount of prayers can change that. But you're in mine just the same.
I wonder how many will find humor in this. P.s you’ve stole an idea I’ve had in my head here.