Up There

I look longingly at the stars
That is when all else is dim enough
To acknowledge their promise.

There's a whole set of worlds out there.
Other planets orbiting other suns
Other planets other lifeforms like to call home.

I think I'd like to go and explore it, alone.
A grand voyage to map the great unknown.
I pray space dementia passes me by.

I think I like the look of it very much indeed.
Because although it's cold and strange in space
Up there it's so free
Up there it is all unsullied beauty.

But by the time they build a suitable spacecraft
It'll be twice there and back from the time they forgot about witchcraft.
Up there will still be waiting.
Up there will be available to my children's children
If I get round to having some.

by Gary Diamond

Comments (6)

What a lovely poem this is...!
............very nicely written...a lovely poem with a nice rhyme...
Nice one Thomas i enjoyed every bit
This poem expresses what i have always felt it seems... But i have found the way to be that bird, and live beyond the sea. Thank you Neptune
hey i like this poem, nice
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