Beyond The Skies

I look beyond the skies while keeping my head
Up high I know there will be a time I'm forced to
Rewind keeping thoughts of you deep inside
My mind some day I'll reopen it and then I'll
See what it can find yeah a star is what I would
Have became looking back at earth the same
Day as my birthday so I guess the end has it perks

Eyes begins to jerk don't be hurt I'm looking back
Now lets retract I'm just stating facts so many things
Wanting to get out sometimes I can hear them shout
Behind the clouds of doubt even in the days I would
Pout you always heard me out I never get the time
Of day just to thank or fully appreciate so I just let
The words began to sank as these pictures paint
What you mean to me a humbled wise human being
There were times my world got dark but you always
Provide the sparks even through the darkest hours

I hear you get louder in the back of my mind together
We will make it through you have me and I got you
yeah I guess that old cliche holds true that it takes two
See what you have done for me I could never give
Back to you for you nothing would ever be enough
You are my diamond in the rough yeah it's true I bet
You never knew perhaps I get too emotional
Within a world that's dark I could never put to grasp
All the things that I keep inside it's a miracle that
I've survived people never put a grasp on just how much
Evil gets unmasked it's an undying task when pain
Comes in vast they say the heart never last forever
But even in through the darkest weather I know the
Sunshine is still shining somewhere I see you feeling

Nonchalant it's just a hunch I look into the mirror and
All I could ever think about was if anyone could truly
Hear me if not I'll shout loudly while looking upon each
Face boldly because each one had mold me even
went as far to scold me coldly so let my mind take
You places because I won't always be here but have
No fear I'll never disappear Just let my words draw
You near as I try to put my grips on this it's you
I'll forever miss closed my eyes and made a list
Sealed it with a kiss i'm keeping it for remembrance

My mind's gathering thoughts and they're
Piling all at once I know it gets too much
To munch So I'll have to crunch
My soul's intent is for you all not to forget
About me and my poems of the century my brain is
Full of mysteries just go back to its history it's
There you'll truly see maybe I'm putting it on a
Tad thick as each word tries to stick not stopping
Until it clicks I'm cementing in words to revisit
Doing Everything in my willpower to get a listen.


by Laquory Jones

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Undying task! ! ! ! Thanks for sharing this poem with us.