SJ (July 27,1953 / Ludington, Michigan)

Beyond The Trees

Beyond the trees and across the road,
There is the place of the loved ones,
The dearly departed of the heart,
Fathers, mothers, daughters and sons,

The gray stones that stand unanswering,
When the lonely come to ask advice.
The reasons they must weep into the night,
And through the vains blood flows like ice.

Silent are the dead that sleep eternal sleep,
And we shall join them by and by,
When beyond the trees we cross the road,
As life departs and we must die.

All who stand and stare in disbelief,
When loved ones move forward into light,
Must do the same as time rolls on ahead,
The struggle ends and we succumb to night.

So dry the eyes and still the sobbing voice,
For we would not stand before the gate,
The land ahead is far and wide and long,
And they have all the time they need to wait.

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