Beyond Those Mountains

Poem By Bill Simmons

Beyond those Mountains
Far across the sea
Somewhere she waits at home
I know she misses me

She doesn't know that I am free
From the letters that I keep
I've played my part says this purple heart
She gets what's left of me

I've seen sounds and sights one might
Find so hard to believe
And each time I would see such things
A piece of me it fell from me

The war is over for me now
Alone she waits for me
I only hope she accepts what is left
And that there is enough to keep

I don't feel victoriously
Part of me died in those fields
Some they say in time we forget
I don't believe I ever will

Honey I am coming home
Back home where I belong
But the boy that you once knew
I'm afraid is forever gone.

Comments about Beyond Those Mountains

Generally well-written. Much promise in this writer.

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