Poem By Somnath Roy

All around mountains, soaring their heads high-
As if they are rulers of the great wide Earth;
Streams flowing down them with swift winding courses,
The green plants & shrubs fluttering from side to side.
Slowly, the sun rises with its sparkling red flames
And makes the surrounding an antique precious gem,
Where on Earth can you come across such a place?
Mother Nature displaying all her might.

The trees of the forest like pillars of rocks,
Standing firmly for a million years,
And where the sun has little effect on the moist brown soil
Experiencing the sight-it proved to be very dear.
Where the life is hanging on in the ancient times
The age old belief in powerful historic shrines;
Truly worth a lifetime’s visit-
Can’t tell if it may come again, for I’m not a seer.

The local people here, the Masalis & Scebes,
Are affectionate & caring like their mother,
They treated me with utmost respect,
I’m a far off stranger-they just don’t bother.
Though I couldn’t catch what they said
For, to learn their language-would mean bringing back the dead
The ever smiling faces, they have little to regret;
Unlike the cruel life, every man is a brother.

The deep, wide lakes with their rippling waters:
The sun’s rays gleaming like a silver glass,
The fishes playing joyfully-aware of nothing
The birds perched on the branches, singing in mass.
And all day long I sat by the shore
The desire arising to see more & more
The time elapsed by, I didn’t have a clue
Only to find its strong picture, which couldn’t easily be crushed!

(I went to Bhutan on 22nd May,1997. First, I stayed at Paro & then went to Thimpu. I was overwhelmed to see the scenic beauty & the visit left a permanent impression on my mind.)

Comments about Bhutan

I appreciate your description about my country, thank you for your concern over my country, The Land of Thunder Dragon.
This is so beautiful.

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