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Bhuvini Dasudane
T (1767 - 1847 / India)

Bhuvini Dasudane

Poem By Tyagaraja

Raga: shrIranjani

Tala: dEshAdi

bhUvini dAsuDanE pErAsacE bOnkulADitinA budhamanOhara

avivEka mAnavula gOri kOri aDDudrOva trOkkitinA brOvavE

cAla saukhyamO kaShTamO nEnu jAlijEnditinA sarivArilO
pAlamuncina nITamuncinA padamulE gati tyAgarAjanuta

Word to word meaning:

pErAsacE : with the greed to
anE : be known as
dAsuDu: your devotee
bhuvini: in this earth
bOnkulADitinA: did I lie?
budha manOhara: Oh one who enchants the wise?

gOri kOri: asking favours from
avivEka: ignorant
mAnavulu: men
aDDudrOva trOkkitinA: did I traverse crooked paths?
brOvavE: protect me

nEnu jAlijEnditinA: did I think
tsAla saukhyamO: of good times
kaShTamO: or difficult times?
sarivArilO: for people like me
pAlamuncina : what if you bathe me in milk
nItamuncina : or water?
padamulE gati: your feet are my only refuge


Oh one who enchants the wise, did I lie out of greed to be known as your foremost devotee on this earth?

Did I traverse crooked paths and lower myself by begging from base individuals? Protect me!

Did I ever bother about profit or loss? For people like me, to whom your feet are the only refuge, whether we bathe in milk or water it is all the same.

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