Bible In Poetry: Revelation 17

The Woman and the Beast:

1One angel who had the bowl, then
Came to me and said, 'Come on please,
I will show you the punishment
Of the great prostitute, who sits
On many waters of the earth.
2With her the kings of the earth had
Committed adultery and
The inhabitants of the earth
Became intoxicated with
The wine of her adulteries.'
3The angel carried me away
In the Spirit to a desert.
I saw a woman sitting on
A scarlet beast that was covered
With blasphemous names all over,
And had heads seven, and ten horns.
4The woman dressed in purple, scarlet,
Glittered with jewels that she wore,
Of gold and precious stones and pearls.
She held a golden cup in hand,
Filled with things abominable
And filth of her adulteries.

5 Her forehead had this title writ:

6 The woman was drunk with the blood
Of saints, the blood of those who bore
Testimony to Jesus Christ.
When I saw, I was astonished
7The angel asked me: 'Why are you?
I’ll explain the woman’s mystery
And of the beast she rides upon,
Which has seven heads and ten horns.
8The beast, you saw, once was, now isn’t,
Will come up out of the Abyss,
And go to his destruction then.
The earth’s inhabitants whose names
Have not been writ in Book of Life,
From time of creation of world
Will astonished be, seeing beast,
Because he once was and will come.
9'This calls for mind for great wisdom.
The seven heads are seven hills,
On which is seated the woman.
10They also are earth’s seven kings.
Five have fallen, one is, and last,
Hasn’t yet come, but when he does come,
He must remain for just awhile.
11The beast who once was, and now isn’t,
Is eighth, belonging to seven
Kings, going to destruction.
12 'The ten horns you saw are ten kings
Who haven’t received a kingdom yet,
But will for one hour receive pow’r,
As kings along with the great beast.
13They have one purpose and so will
Give their authority to beast.
14They’ll war against the Lamb of God,
But the Lamb of God will o’ercome
Them, because he is the Lord of lords
And King of kings of universe—
With Him will be his called, chosen
And faithful followers of Christ.'
15The angel told me, 'The waters
You saw, where the prostitute sits,
Are peoples, nations, languages.
16The beast with ten horns that you saw
Will hate the prostitute strongly.
They will bring her to ruin and leave
Her naked; and consume her flesh
And burn her with fire later.
17For God has put it into their hearts
To accomplish his purpose by
Giving the beast their pow’r to rule,
Till God’s words fully are fulfilled.
18 The woman is the great city
That rules over the kings of earth.'

Copyright by Dr John Celes 7-20-2007

by Dr. A.Celestine Raj Manohar M.D.,

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