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Bickering About The Bathroom

There’s scum, filth,
Under the rim,
It has to be cleaned,
It’s looking quite grim.

There’s dirt, grime,
Around the sink,
It has to be wiped,
For it’s causing a stink.

There’s muck, dust,
Near the tub,
The floor isn’t clean,
It needs a good scrub.

But it will get done,
All in good time,
Just give me a chance,
It isn’t a crime.

You are not perfect,
Not perfect at all,
The bed isn’t made,
I said nothing at all.

So give me some time,
Give me some peace,
For the germs in my bathroom,
Are having a feast!

by Aisha Sherazi

Comments (7)

Aisha, this comes as close to Universal as any poem I've seen. But perhaps that's just me. I am looking for a commercial product which will clean the bathroom - similar to a hand-grenade, but not apt to chip tile or porcelain. Cheers for this one. - Will
Who's got time to clean the bathroom when there's poetry to write? Cute poem, Aisha! Brian
as you know I love rhymes. they are so hard to get, -ones that still sound natural. you have a gift for them and a playful way of choosing your subjects! Tim
Aisha that is teh story in every house ~ Loved the ending..yeah let the germs feast ~ Preets
Lets all slow down, come out the house and smell the roses for a while, A fun write Love Duncan
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