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I was travelling as fast as a car,
Hearing the sweet voice of birds,
Smelling the beautiful smell of roses,
I was eating my fries the thick potato fried with salt in it,
That delicious taste, Yummy Mummy,
I was passing by a farm,
Touching the roses,
The wind was passing by me like the dogs are behind me,
I saw the poor people working hard to eat something,
I gave them fries and burgers from my bag pack, They gifted me a horse,
There were bumps in the way, bump bump my tyre got flat,
I decided to ride on my horse, I could feel refreshed and feel the smell of the nature,
I tied one end of the rope with my bike and one with my horses tail so my bike could also come along with me home.

by Meeran Waheed

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hah hah, how original to write about a bike journey. Well done, my friend, beautifully evoked.