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Bicycle Cowboy
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Bicycle Cowboy

riding free
like a home boy on the range
he rode this hill, like it were his....
a straw cowboy hat, sat on his head
as natural as, a haystack in a field....

that's when I entertained that frivolous fantasy
where he'd been out all day, on the land
sweating and grinding those gears
up many a tedious terraine....

making a right, he turned his cycle,
that's when he started him coming my way-
without even thinking, I yelled out to him
him, in his bare chested state,
''hey, where's your horse''?

pleasantly startled, he looked over my way,
surprised at first, but then he said
in a coy cowboy sort of way,
''thanks for noticing,
but I'm a modern cowboy''....

''oh, of course you are'', I remark

both of us grinning,
like two mud faced kids,
not knowing what else to do
in our perfect out of the blue

...then of course!

a second before
he was about to ride away....
a devilish smile
captured his earth blown face

''You wanna come ride with me later... tonite''?

I knew all too well, what he was insinuating....
but somethings are best to leave where it is
especially when we both got, exactly what we got....

we rode our fancy and neither one of us got shot
so to his gruff I flatly expressed,
''thanks, but no thanks, I got to work later''.

Copyright ©2008

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