JHL (8/29/1978 / London)


Don’t feed me, I’ll make myself sick
Please understand, I want to be as thin as a stick
To this Dying wish I am so committed
So keep you nagging, just Zip it!

I live by my bible called Thinspiration
Thanks celebrities, as you are my inspiration
Thinspiration has a golden rule
Don’t waste your salaries
You don’t need those calories

You say to my problem I am blind
Is seeking perfection then just a state of mind
Fat is what you make me feel
When I am forced another dreadful meal

You make eating seem so delightful
I think you are just being spiteful
You say you do this because you care
At my bony body you no longer want to stare

You keep saying I’m looking for trouble
But make no mistake, my body will not wobble
Family and Doctors, stop forcing your rule
Remove this tube, stop being so cruel


Now I am fatally sick
My poor hart is struggling for just one more tick
On my own I can no longer walk
I need food, energy just to talk…

I admit it, I was wrong
Please God…
In this world I still belong

All my supporting anorexic friends on the World Wide Web
Now ironically Wondering Why I’m dead….

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I really liked this poem!