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Big Andy

Since he split up with his young wife the dark haired beauty Elly
Big Andy he feels out of sorts and he has gone to jelly
Through the courts she barred him from their home their two young children with her
And he feels very hard done by and about it feels quite bitter.

But a family friend who know both of them well and who wish to remain nameless
Says Andy for his marriage woes is not entirely blameless
Big Andy not a saint 'twould seem and after a night out drinking
His brain don't operate too well his muscles do the thinking.

No Andy not pleasant when drunk you only need ask Elly
She will tell you how he punched her in the ribs and in the belly
She talks of him in the past tense their marriage it has ended
And she has filed for a divorce since another she's befriended.

Big Andy an unhappy man and for sense of loss he's aching
But those who know him better say it's all of his own making
His ex wife does not want him back for she loves another better
And he feels sorry for himself and sorry that he's ever met her.

He's lost his family to drink the things to him that mattered
And Big Andy he feels hard done by and he feels his World is shattered
His ex wife with her new lover he sees her as quite shameless
But Big Andy for his present woes is definitely not blameless.

by Francis Duggan

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