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Big Apple
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Big Apple

I grew up
in the ''Big Apple''
'almost traded
my soul for gold-
'people check out
your shoes first
before asking
how you are doing
and if they decide
you're ''worth'' talking to
they always ask
''So, what do you do''?
and if they are
impressed with that
you'll hear all about
who is a doctor

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Comments (2)

Oy Vay! You say things perfectly sometimes, Adrienne. The progression of 'noticing', ending with 'Jeffrey, who is a doctor', is matchlessly put.
Oh dear, this confirms what people out west have thought about the Big Apple mentality. And yet there are poets and song writers with great heart and soul (you, for instance) who come from that Big Apple and manage to rise above it. This is well done. Raynette