The Food Of Love

What would you like for supper,
Some steak, with chips and peas,
Maybe, a nice brewed cuppa,
Or me, with lips that please.

You could have something spicy,
Like a curry or sweet and sour,
But these can be a bit spicy
And not good, at this late hour.

Perhaps a glass of beer, or shandy,
Or a brandy to fill the gap,
But, of course, that might make you randy,
Hey! Have that as your nightcap!

There's me, I'm sweet and slender,
And tender like the steak,
And if you put me in a blender,
A fantastic meal, I'd make.

There's food enough for your pleasure,
So don't say you aren't well fed,
When you start to realise I'm a treasure,
You could have 'hot crumpet' in your bed!

© Ernestine Northover

by Ernestine Northover

Comments (5)

I really enjoyed this poem. It had great imagery and really did leave me with the sense that though they aren't matched physically they do love eachother. Makes me think it's possible in my life as well! ~Jody
Well there's an unexpected vote of confidence for the larger lady! What a honey-happy picture of mutual affection between two people, however physically mismatched! One for my collection of favourites (not online but in a Word document so that I can print it and read it without having to come to PH) . To you, Larry (may I call you so?) . Gina.
At first I thought this was going to be a ''fat-bashing'' poem.......what a wonderful suprise to read such an endearing description of this ''pleasantly plump'' woman! She just seems so loveable.......great poem Laurence! I had to read this one out loud to my family! Very funny and sweet. Sincerely, Mary
The poem a delight to read, and quite entertaining description. :)
lol The more the better to engulf him in his blessed cotton socks Laurence! I enjoyed this very much indeed. Being fatist is not my cup of tea at all. Nice one. 10 from Tai