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Bigbigthe Darkest Hourbigbig

Bigbigthe Darkest Hourbigbig

so far in disarray
wondering if this is real
not knowing what to feel
so caught up in fantasies
not knowing what is reality
hoping this will soon end
not knowing it has just begun
i'm fading fast
i don't think my strength is gonna last
i'm drowning in the darkest hour
in my time of shame
while suffering in pain
i'm fading fast
and i don't think i'm gonna last
someone please rescue me from my past

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I like your irregular rhyme schemes, Alia... Wanting to be rescued on reaching the lowest point - yes. But no one knows you like you do (and God, if you believe) , so let it all out... then begin again. Baby, the past is only as dead as you let it be. Nice work here. Esther : ]