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Big Brother
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Big Brother

We were never close and we were never really friends.
We fought a lot and we both said very harsh words.
You moved away and for the first time I realized we spent most of our years together fighting about things that dont seem to be that important today, instead of being family.
I can never get those years back no matter how much I want to.
I never understood why I let it get so bad.
As soon as you left I honestly thought I would never hear from you.
Two years passed and I saw you a few times, but it still felt as if we were strangers.
Ive never really felt like you cared and I bet you felt the same.
Another two years passed and we were more distant from each other than ever.
I started to go through some things in my life and really needed someone to be there.
I never would have believed that it was the words you said that would help me more than anyone or anything.
You said you believed I could overcome what I was going through.
You told me to believe in myself and you told me I was stronger than any problems I could ever go through.
For the first time in so long I felt like you cared and that meant more to me than anyting you could have ever said.
We were never close, we were never really friends, but maybe one day we can be....

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