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Big Brother In Memory Of Paul
FS ( / Sugar Grove, Illinois, USA)

Big Brother In Memory Of Paul

Poem By Freda Satterfield

When I look upon a photograph.
Not so long ago, not so faded.
A picture of my beloved big brother.
The memories had filled my mind.
The times we cried and the times we laughed.
How brother watches over me,
Makes sure I'm not hurt.
When I was sick, he made my lunch.
We'd go on shopping trips.
We thought we would grow old together.
Through the years we thought it was true.
Brother and I worked on model trains.
Then time had come to call.
My big brother had to go.
He passed away, he went to eternal sleep.
God is holding him as he sleeps.
Until he comes to call.
All I have are memories and a photograph.
In memory of big brother Paul.

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