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Big City

ive always had to struggle,

nothing easy for me,

beg and borrow,

the ropes given to me,

i'm not proud,

just dont understand,

been there, done that, dont want any of it again!

wish i could start my life anew,

know i would choose a different path,

know i would be happier,

they say we have control over our lives.

i dont think its like that.

i know i deserve a second chance.

i kow i deserve someone who is true.

someone who loves me!

no one like you!

hope you get whats coming to you!

for treating me like shit!

you know you did!

i hope you get what you deserve!

i won't feel any pity!

that's just life,

in the big city! ! !

by Miss Aurora

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Very brilliantly expressed though poignant. Glad to know that u want second innings. It will come any how. have patience.