Big Easy

i long for Nightfall to dropp her heavy curtain
i find myself in the dwindling hours of the day
cutting thru the darkness like a drunken knife
past prophets and prostitutes
that speckle the screaming sequin sidewalk
the brightly coloured people;
the neon sign chameleons
ever seeking anonymity by blending into buildings
and ducking under subways
they all seek asylum in the jazz miasma
that seeps from under doorways
of the hidebound bars
bodies crumpled like litter on the soggy street
stars drip onto the crawling cars that narrowly miss
the lumbering pedestrians that stumble in their stupor
to find their way back home
or someplace just as good

by Rev. Dr. A. Jacob Hassler

Comments (1)

I hate to agree with the majority, but I will allow myself just this once, I have long been an admirer of your work, but usually refrain from commenting on your poems becuase after I read I just wanna shoot myself out of envy. Rarely do I read something wherein I can actually feel whats going on, from the opening line i long for Nightfall to dropp her heavy curtain to the ending lines I was absorbed. I like all types of poetry, but have a soft spot for your kind, you are true to your enviroment and do not sacrifice truth for nice sounding words. I admire you work, Jake.