(some time ago / Earth, i believe)

"Big Fat Cat Without A Hat" ….Gets Hooked ….… [sequel To "Big Fat Cat Without A Hat", As Suggested By M. J. Lemon: Medium; Becoming Responsible For One's Behavior]

Tom cats [adult male cats] often wander at their leisure,
and when they meet a female, they may ‘give in' to ….. their "pleasure",
……which at times causes increased ….cat populations,
but rarely do the "dads" ….take care of their creations.

The "Big Fat Cat Without A Hat" was no exception to …
the rule.
He thought he could treat every female cat as though ….
she was a tool,
used by him to satisfy the natural urge that all Toms ….
and then move on to the next encounter, filled with ….
feline zeal.

But finally "Big Fat Cat" ran up against a female, unique,
who insisted that he play the daddy role. She was a cat ….NOT weak ……
in her resolve, and when her kittens were barely a week old …….
she found the Big Fat Cat and confronted him; she was ….very bold.

I suppose it helped that she was cute, with long silky fur,
big green eyes with long lashes, and a mighty convincing …..purrrrrrr.
He, of course, being male, was flattered by her attention,
AND it helped that (at first) the kittens she did NOT ….

Could it be he had forgotten her ….about the action ……
months before?
(After all, he, like most Tom cats, treated each female cat …..…like a whore,
to be used to satisfy his urges, for one night, not more.)
But, NOW this new mother let Big Fat Cat know what was "the score".

"The score" was that he was a dad AGAIN, and HE had ….
work to do.
This time the mom and the five kids expected HIM to ….
be a TRUE ……part of the family.
Yes, she laid down the law, in no uncertain terms,
causing "Dad" to feel (almost) ashamed, ….and to feel …
some squirms.

But then Big Fat Cat (Without A Hat) had an epiphany;
he could play the role of Dad at times, and other times ….be "free"!
So, he played a bit with his five kids, and brought to …….all of them some mice.
But each week he did what Toms will do, three times, or ….(at least) twice.

(May 8, 2016)

by Bri Edwards

Comments (5)

Another side-splitting masterpiece. Your keen observation of life, razor-sharp wit and poetic skill come together once more.
This is too good......! I couldn't stop grinning from ear to ear...... Kudos to the smart female cat, but the Tom cat is too clever to have his way! ! A 10+++++ for this hilarious write!
Did you hear about the little kitten who slid down a long, snowy hill on his rear end? When asked how he felt he said: 'My tail is told.'
Those words could be the same for some humans these days too. A cat with a conscience, haha cos I know my cat don't care ha ha great story telling.
Woah wow a purrrfect poem soo enjoyable n entertaining like always! Tom cats yeah just go about siring most irresponsibly, they made my nebor's cat have 5 litters in a year, poor cat till she became too weak n thin ah. And she has no place to run once they come after her unlike cats in the wild. So bri, a full 10 for this funtastic meowing poem that did leave me giggling all through.