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Big Girls World
JL (August 19,1975 / Newark, NJ)

Big Girls World

Ever since I can remember, goin way back when, I've looked for something slightly diff'rent in my women friends,

intelligence and plus the skills to go hook up a steak, the lady rollin 'round with me can push a little weight.

Not talkin Ricky Ross, that kinda weight can get you 10, to life as easily as breathin, locked up in the pen,

the weight I'm talkin bout don't have a point scale in between, size 26 in Big Girls World physiques start size 16.

A guy like me don't sweat a woman's stomach blowin up, a treat when time to eat I simply hold the stomach up,

my nose needs precious oxygen to breathe it deep inside, increase my lung capacity betweenst a big girl's thighs.

The skinny chicks are not for me, they just don't do a thing, in fact they need potato salad with some chicken wings,

don't throw them bones away half eaten, go 'head, lick em clean, and nap out on the itis, put some thickness in those jeans.

No matter what folks think or say I'll make a big girl glow, my dragon was the last that made her shine from head to toe,

sho nuff there'll be some opposition to these ways I kick, I'd treat the haters like R. Kelly, give em ALL a rinse.

Enough with the vulgarity cause I won't miss my cue, the big girls of this planet, these are words I spit for you,

to put it out that Papa cares, displayed with proper flair, I'll grab a white girl's golden locks so call me Papa Bear.

Regardless of the race or creed I'll win the race indeed, my big girls grab your running shoes then come and race with me,

to lust filled nights in hotel rooms, there's always vacancy, we'll run like DMC forever in the place to be.

I'm stuck inside a world where all the girls are large in life, despite that 90s movie I'll be livin large tonight,

as easily as most can prob'ly spin a string of pearls, I'm not ashamed to say it, yes I live in Big Girls World.

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