Let The Ascetics Sing Of The Garden Of Paradise --

Let the ascetics sing of the garden of Paradise --
We who dwell in the true ecstasy can forget their vase-tamed bouquet.

In our hall of mirrors, the map of the one Face appears
As the sun's splendor would spangle a world made of dew.

Hidden in this image is also its end,
As peasants' lives harbor revolt and unthreshed corn sparks with fire.

Hidden in my silence are a thousand abandoned longings:
My words the darkened oil lamp on a stranger's unspeaking grave.

Ghalib, the road of change is before you always:
The only line stitching this world's scattered parts.

by Mirza Ghalib

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Big Hair is a funny poem - a subject so different from the normal.
An excellent poem by David Lehman!
Excellent piece of poetry. Thanks for sharing.
It set me thinking about what it is........still I guess if a horse sweats in the stable, then moll in lingerie white or black has been upon his back.........so to flow poems unclosed.......funny indeed.......thanks for sharing
Such a brilliant write by David Lehman👍👍👍
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