My Hero

my hero, my hero didnt have any special powers,
because my hero didnt fight
my hero didnt have any wings
because my hero didnt fly
my hero didnt have any special costumes
because my hero didnt like any heroes
my hero is diffrent than any kind of supercreatures

my hero is just an ordinary humanbeings
my hero makes me smart
my hero changes my future
my hero makes me know something
because my heroes is my teachers.
god bless you, teachers.

by salsabila alkhatiry

Comments (7)

Big Hair is a funny poem - a subject so different from the normal.
An excellent poem by David Lehman!
Excellent piece of poetry. Thanks for sharing.
It set me thinking about what it is........still I guess if a horse sweats in the stable, then moll in lingerie white or black has been upon his to flow poems unclosed.......funny indeed.......thanks for sharing
Such a brilliant write by David Lehman👍👍👍
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