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Big Headed Harry

He is doing quite well for himself the World is at his feet
But he has a huge ego and he suffers from conceit
His art of making money has gone straight to his head
Humility is a rare gift or so it has been said.

And he could not be humble he is not that sort of a bloke
His feeling of superiority he doesn't even try to cloak
They call him Big headed Harry the nickname suits him well
That he is self conceited is not that hard to tell.

One in his early thirties the good life he enjoy
And in his red ferrari he smirks as he drives by
He wears the most expensive suits and he is often seen
Wining and dining in the Five Star Club with his blonde beauty of nineteen.

Money speaks every language at least that's how 'twould seem
And add to that some arrogance and too much self esteem
And you've got Big Headed Harry the conceited millionaire
He feels he is the greatest and none to him can compare.

by Francis Duggan

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