For Your Eyes Only

Those eyes that glitter in perfect green
Are the dew on the flower, I have just seen
Those gentle waves of the sea on the earth's face
Are you that flow and my head embrace
This hair in blond that streams like rays
Is the silk with which I weave my days
You are my love and fire
You are my spring of wine and desire
On the turn roads of my life you are the voice of time
That fills me with wonder and inspires my rhyme
A mermaid that's born in the depth of pure water
Aging through, I proudly dive through each layer
Times carves you on my face as wrinkles and lines
Writing my legend in eternal signs
Telling the story of a passing star
Of a hand of sand that lighted far..
So you say my only sun!
My future that my past has done!
And my flute stay singing in loud murmur
And I stay sailing into you, until no more forever...

by Mike Fayad

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you are kind of gifted poet good work
This is awesome! It shows that revenge isn't always the best thing to do. But sometimes it is neccesary to show a person how you really feel.