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Big Officier
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Big Officier

Big officers..
Donald Tsang come to nabobs yachts and air plane.
Yachts and air planes belong to rich-Wong hung YU and CLOK PING SAW.
Donald Tsang comes in whole.
Half is guest and half is HONG KONG-chief., Do that half and do that whole.
Game for Donald is to do that.
Theme of Donald all are greedy half.
Build their houses with HONG KONG lands.
Hong KONG house policies must go and stop.
Half is market also half is Donald Tsang doing.
Build their houses and lands are talks are moods.
Hong KONG chief (C.E.O.) is half and half.
Fellow feels are nabob agreements.
Half a guest and half as future retired chief as riches staff will come on poses.
Money ranks is half a rank.
Straight and upright is built on sand.
In future our nabobs take our chief and care to him.
Even now bring Donald Tsang with wines and meats.
May be mutton meats beside chickens or that confessed.
Donald Tsang said that he love muttons.
Yachts have loves are half and half.
White or grey is honor made.
Stunner dancers all are trained. All know that nabob Wong have dozens and dozens of daring.
Come on boards with luxurious air planes or boats.
Fly to world and drive through the waters.
Private air planes and yachts are half and half.
Half for hosts and half for servile serves as that can.
Half is guests and half is laws.
Shysters laws are limbo made.
Half as pleased and future life in whole should need a collusions plans as many big officers.
Owners are sex mania.
Owners' riches are public husbands and playboys.
Donald Tsang half agrees.
Loves in boats are water beds.
Loves in planes are roc in clouds.
Chief will done is half with cakes.
Cakes are shared but not our wafer cakes that holy made.
Donald Tsang half is guest and half a lord.
Lands or houses may be gifts or may be bought.
Gifts that receive by credits or just debate in Donald Tsang account books in minds.
Wong is sex mania for beauty ladies.
Wong always pay a lots of moneys for sexes.
Half a cloud and half a rain is that.
Fishes for cats and beefs for dogs and men use moneys with usages. What a retired HONG KONG Chief EXECUTIVE OFFICE can do,
---Cheung Shun Sang=Cauchy3--

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