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Big Scary Monsters
EA (4th April 1983 / U.K.)

Big Scary Monsters

Big scary monsters,
the ones that get you at night,
they hide in cupboards and behind doors,
just to give you a fright!

But have you ever wondered
what its like to be a monster
hiding in the dark,
and not coming into the light.

Now, if i took my monsters
out into the light
i wonder what they would do first,
go to the park or maybe fly a kite.

maybe they would play on the swings,
or maybe go on the slide,
you never know what they might do
they might even try and ride a bike!

i dont think id like to be a monster
and never come out in the light
i dont want to hide behind doors or
in cupboards
and give people a fright.

so next time you go to bed
cut the monsters some slack
let them come out and give you a fright,
after all,
they only get to come out at night.

For Jack xx

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Comments (7)

Emma I enjoyed every line, keep it up
This is brilliant and made me laugh. My sons have just turned four and I just have to read this poem to them. It made the 'monster' appear more scared then scary. Lovely composition.
hehehe true passion for the monsters. Nice I liked it, you are a caring soul huh ;)
I loved it. Especially the way you made me consider the Monster perspective. Esra Sloblock
Do the Mash mash the monster mash Frighten jack in a flash do the mash mash Cool poem
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