Big Sis

She's witty and bright,
and awesome and fun...
You would think there'd be more like her,
but she's the only one.

If you give her attitude,
she'll give it right back...
She may be tough,
but she's never the first to attack.

People may call her,
big or over weight...
But some guys don't want,
an anorexic date.

She puts on an act,
but that's just the outer shell...
She acts all big and bad,
but the loving side she doesn't unveil.

To some,
she'll show...
Who she really is,
and few some take control.

She always,
wears her heart on her sleave...
People stab at it,
and yet seh won't leave.

She is into technology,
guys and driving...
To her without those,
life isn't worth living.

She is my big sis,
and one of my friends...
The love between us,
will never ever end.

I love,
my big sister...
Her name is Amanda,
and noway would i trade her! ! !

by Cally Nixon

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Thank you Cally, for sharing this wonderful tribute to your big sister, Amanda. She is now immortalised before the world. I am the oldest, so I never had a big sis, but my younger sisters, never really appreciated what I did for them, and now hate me because of who I am.