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Big Sister
KR (29/08/1988 / London, England)

Big Sister

Poem By Kaspa Richards

I got this sister and I don’t miss her,
There are so many things I could say
That along with her friends I would dismiss her,
But please remember I didn’t start this,
But I will finish it without lying to diss her,
She ran away whenever it got hard at home,
My brother died and she upped and left the zone,
Where my baby brother had once lived and then died,
Where was she when I and my big brother cried?
Where was she when things got even tougher?
When there were fights I had to break up at 15,
Between a bi polar brother and the family based on the obscene,
I don’t hate her I just don’t love her,
When could she ever be relied upon to do the right thing?
No shed rather be out getting drunk and pretending to sing,
With retarded friends she surrounds herself with,
To make herself feel better because she hates herself and this
Is something that she is actually right to do,
Because she crossed the line with me and now has nothing to loose,
The family got a rope round her neck and were tightening the noose,
She’s a disgrace to everything including herself,
Now in down south she looks sick stress has fucked up her health,
She got two kids now benefit baby cheques,
Because her man is too lazy to get his wrists checked,
Or maybe he just don’t wanna work I don’t care,
It’s not me he’s responsible to it’s his kids,
And it’s not fair to them with there dirty baby hair,
Filthy clothes living in what looks like a tramps favorite lair,
He plays American football a soft mans rugby,
To make himself feel like a man but when there’s a fight he ducks see,
Coz his luck he sees is out and he knows what I and my family are about,
Im not even angry I don’t wanna shout,
Because she treated her family as if they were friends,
And now her family time has come to an end,
I hope you understand this message I send,
I haven’t got a sister she more like a blister you can’t wait to get rid off,
I hope she finds a cliff on the coast and I boast I hope she takes a slip off

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