Biggest Fan…>

When they said you would die
I felt like I wanted to
Break down and cry
But instead I tried to stand tall
And hold no fear as I walked
That lonely Hospital hall
Everyone around you
I couldn’t see, my eyes clouding
‘cause there was nothing I could do
To ease your pain
I tried with all my might
But only in vain
From crying out and holding you.
We took you home
That was the least we could do.
All the kids slept close to you
And you slept with a smile
For that is true
When we awoke with a start
We were told you were getting ready
To finish you’re part
When you died, I was holding you
And I know I felt something
Die in me to
Granddad was sad
You should know that
He looked so alone and afraid
But we’re there for him
Even though his eyes
Are now very dim
We all love you Nan
And you should know
We’re all you’re biggest fan.

by Turuz Hautapu

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Your piece touched my Mind, heart, and soul… It brought me back to my past, From a couple of years ago… => Ali