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TAM (1940 / Michigan, U.S.A.)


Poem By Theresa Ann Moore

We had a neighbor
His name was Bill
Now he is gone
His house is still

He was a good ol’ guy
He’d do anything for yah
When misfortune knocked
Kindness was his law

During a storm we were fearful
Limbs thudded to the ground
Bill’s chainsaw began to roar
No longer did debris surround

He was pleased to help
Never seeking compensation
With a smile he said, 'anytime'
Helping out was his satisfaction

He had many porch-sitting buddies
With whom he sat drinking beers
Horns honk as cars drove by
'Yoooo Doggie, ' he loudly cheered

At times we wished he’d be quiet
His party mode got repetitious
The dilemma became frustrating
Can’t get mad, he’s not malicious

Hard times fell upon the jolly fellow
He couldn’t pay alimony and the bills
The money loaners repossessed
He gave up and set his sights for the hills

As he loaded his pickup truck to capacity
A sudden sting invaded my blurring eyes
It was then, I realized that he’d be missed…
Wishing him the best, with a final goodbye


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