(04 October 1943 / Germany)

Bill Frist & Company

We humans are facing
a dangerous moment
in our history.
An industry
with more money
than sense
and a government
with more greed
than patriotism
are conspiring
to rob our right to
control our bodies,
keep them safe
if harmed,
seek recompense
from the corporation
which harmed us.
If the world had
even one more
person like
Bill Frist
I firmly believe
that the Gods
would close it down.

Note: Words here were taken from various utterings
of concerned people. Real people who are keeping
their eyes open.

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Comments (4)

H, thanks for this one, you are so right! ! !
Nice poem, Herbert. Sincere thoughts. Again, nice poem. Many hugs, CJ
Sometimes I wonder how much good it does to have my eyes open! ! It's hard to be a 'little person' in a world like this. When it comes down to it, there really is not much we can do. Nice write Herbert. :) Sincerely, Mary
Well you know how I feel Herbert....nicely put!