BT (December 17,1964 / Canada)

Bill Murray Dareall

European front WW I make waste
two college mates to France make haste
ambulance drivers in jeopardy chase
leaders' post calamity did case

Mud in trenches cold like molasses in winter
marking time and tide diligent
an ultimate sacrifice all not special, yet privileged
for granted never taken, here and in the ever after

'I need to think and not much in that'
Paris book-bound revery go
vocation flung plans bullpen chat
raptor's aviary sky-tripped throw

A coal mine finding intention in day's successions
friend's from severity saved hard knocks school remains
'Have you been to India? ', Upanishads found
'But you won't find the answers in a book', salvation bound

'A better church in the Mountains'
stride the avian climb to sky kissed Abbey
'Welcome, you are welcome'
Larry Darrell no more corks

'I have packed your books, ' hut in the Mountains found yearning
from pages looked, took it on the shins
leaves of winter made warmth burning
Mountain range vast, compass view begins

Paris bound again, redemption found
climb the stairs and dance
chance the universe on playground astance
pulled to safe and loving arms Sophie rebounds

Izzy looks back and can't let go
Grey's headaches away meditation bestow
friends together again and humour aglow
stop this train we're climbing aboard Tally ho

Monsieur Templeton, man of the World
now i'm leaving musn't forget my manners
good man blessings flow a soul searching will go
life of woven care and fortune share
'kind invitation decline, previous engagement Blessed Lord dare'

'Where will you go, Larry? '
homeward bound good fortune surrounds
family awaits, Larry Darrell victories a new day friends partake

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