My Vow

Life has many paths,
some look easier then others,
some times we cannot choice,
and sometimes we follow others.

Sometimes we get lost,
sometimes we turn back,
we walk for hours and hours,
and time we lose track.

A fork in a road,
two options to choose,
one where you win,
one where you lose.

You think you pick right,
you never are sure,
you keep looking back,
the road obscure.

A long time later,
you knew you've picked right,
the victory is yours,
it is in your sight.

if you went back,
would you choose the same,
wouldn't you wonder,
what the other road became.

You spend your whole life,
looking back at the past,
wondering what if,
was my life unsurpassed.

but don't wait till then
think like that now,
make the most of my life,
that is my vow.

by Alaric Darcy

Comments (1)

Pretty sharp. I wasn't listening, I was reading. (but I say the same thing to my readers- if I don't, I mean to) .