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Billy The Brick
( / Novosibirsk, Siberia)

Billy The Brick

P.C. Dave was on patrol,
A police bear is always in control.
He was on the trail of Billy the Brick,
whose evasion of justice makes coppers sick.

Billy the Brick gets his ill-gotten gains,
By jumping through jewellers' windowpanes.
He steals diamonds and gold then hollers,
And scarpers before Plod feels his collar.

He was last seen casing a joint,
So P.C. Dave rushed to the point.
Said Dave, 'You're a red-handed robber! ',
Replied Billy, 'You won't get me, you rozzer! '.

A high-speed chase gave Billy a buzz,
Especially when chased by the local fuzz.
He rushed down the street, carrying his loot,
P.C. Dave was in hot pursuit.

But bricks aren't light on their feet,
And he was on P.C. Dave's familiar beat.
He tripped over a kerb and landed flat,
P.C. Dave took advantage of that.

Dave took Billy for police hospitality,
And after a spot of police brutality,
Billy the Brick confessed to mischief,
And let that be a lesson to every thief.

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