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Bimbo Revolution I Ii & Iii
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Bimbo Revolution I Ii & Iii

According to the bible what is the fastest way to become an eternal fatality?
Old & New Testament alike, continue in the practice of sexual immorality,
Throughout scripture many in the world will continue to travel a sinful way,
In Matthew 18 however woe to those who are leading God's children astray.

Soaps, shows like Gossip Girls & Desperate Housewives,
Is this how you really want to be known for living your lives?
Lying, cheating, what have you, comedic sexual harassment?
Producers, directors, actors, 'oh this series is heaven sent.'

Yes, it's sent alright but definitely not from the kingdom above,
Breaking His Commandments is not what God considers love,
Programs where stories center around exploited sexual journeys,
These are role models for housewives, doctors and attorneys?

Instead of demonstrating procedure for legal advice or dispensing meds,
They're overly consumed with who's sleeping with whom & in what bed?
What language, remember thinking only in the streets profanity is said?
The casual use of mind altering drugs and alcohol that buzz your head.

It's not just pornography but all of these crap filled programs too,
So, knowing right from wrong exactly what are you going to do?
If nothing is done then everything will continue to be status quo,
You can't complain if you're not willing to stand up and say, 'No! '

What parent tells their daughter a good time is only found in bars?
And who can't wait to hear Sally proudly proclaim, 'I'm a porn star! '
In movies it's shouted on the mountaintop as though gold is found,
The harsh realty is that in the real world no one wants them around.

Actually and sadly there are some, 'parents and friends' who will,
But 1st & foremost we're supposed to please God, not Jack & Jill,
Matthew 7: 13, wide is the gate to destruction many follow that path,
With that road chosen better have fun now in hell you will not laugh.

Exactly where do men and women get this idea suggesting it's okay?
Ha! Music, videos, television and movies broadcast and shown today,
An example, in 'Pretty Woman' prostitution is glamorous and glorified,
Not beatings forced drug use and disease destroying these girls' lives.

Neither are shows like, 'Charlie's Angels' an answer to the solution,
Since all that did was add fuel to the fire of the, 'Bimbo Revolution, '
They were silly, stupid and sexist, with unrealistic meaningless plots,
The question should be is there any socialistic value and not is it hot.

Al Pacino hits Diane Keaton knocking her down in 'Godfather II, '
In 'Purple Rain' Prince slaps Apollonia like a gangster would do,
Movie critics have declared both features in their own right as great,
Couldn't they have been good without punching women in the face?

Then there are the so-called do-good shows like Law & Order SUV,
When all they are doing is magnifying a defeated victim's mentality,
Stop! Name one movie or series with a character driven female lead,
More simple minded and/or sex starved women is not what we need.

Producers, directors, writers it's time to lose filth and dirt,
Create quality films and series with less sex, pain and hurt,
Whatever happened to the good guys win, bad guys loose?
Shown and promoted in entertainment is what you choose.

Yes! It is so sickening to hear battered women sadly singing this song,
'Oh! My honey wouldn't have beat me up had I not been in the wrong, '
Wake up production companies, you have the power to erase the lies,
Forget the lustful appetites of the world just write the script, give it a try.

Abuse in every country is running rampant to an all time high,
Feature films, television, music videos is the main reason why,
Certainly not all but most of what's viewed is played out in hype,
Many in the audience are unable to distinguish fantasy from life.

The entertainment industry needs to be shepherds to God's sheep,
Smoking, drinking, drugs, promiscuity are the Goliath's of defeat,
Biggest problems arise leaving common sense out of the equation,
Because too many people allow fiction to govern their imagination.

What about feature length films when going to the big screen?
If you're old enough to read this you know exactly what I mean,
How about the ratings? PG 13, R, M for mature audience or X,
Without violence and nudity, it's something studios hurriedly reject.

Hey! Where are all the Christians, what is with the Saints?
How come there aren't more law suits & mega complaints,
Well, movies are only fictionally amoral so it's okay, no it ain't,
1st Cor.5: 6, Gal.5: 9, just a little leaven & the whole lump is taint.

Music with lyrics preaching murder, racism and excessive hate,
Making light of violent crimes like robbery, assault and rape,
Television should help positively direct, educate, mold, shape,
Whether they are children, adults, born fifty years early or late.

As Christians we have to be particular about what we watch,
Why is the bad guy glamorized instead of the good ones or cops?
If a professional, could your license be suspended or revoked?
Using insensitive language, gestures, telling an inappropriate joke?

Nothing is funny and laughable for the minority on the other end,
When coming from someone looked up to as a mentor or friend,
The president of a company, your supervisor, the so-called boss,
An insensitive statement & years of progressive cultivation is lost.

Too often people place an importance only on what visuals they see,
Instead of the word of God from the bible by not taking time to read,
All of these things are choices and they are yours alone to make,
Why choose the wrong one when you already know it's a mistake?

Although there are many gripes here is one last disturbing thing,
In shows starring women why are most portrayed as bird-brains?
Yeah! How is it than in 90% of all sit-com shows or drama plots,
Female characters are either dumb blondes or Rahab the harlot.

This is 2010 and here are prime examples of exactly what I mean,
I am talking about Death At A Funeral & Hot Tub Time Machine,
Why not more features like, 'The Blind Side' a real quality flick,
Enough of the butt-wipe movies like Marci X and White Chicks.

So, I'm not talking about a woman with her cheeks & boobs hanging out,
Nor of one where profanity freely flows like Niagara Falls from her mouth,
Definitely not a female who is known by her favorite smoke and/or drink,
And her designer clothes cost more than ten teachers make. You think?

That's right, it's not only in what we hear and see just take another look,
Think there's too much sexual battery? Ha! It's also found in many books,
Were we created in God's image or as Darwin says evolving from apes?
How else can you explain all of the allowed domestic violence and rape?

Question? People will say, 'what in the world were they thinking? '
Answer! 'What in the heck are they snorting, smoking & drinking? '
Nothing will keep us farther from God than sin yet what do you see?
Read poem 136, 'Jessica Alba & Kate Hudson The Killer Inside Me.'

Now a push by parent watch groups about the violence in video games,
There are so many who can even begin to call off some of their names,
It's admirable that concerned citizens have taken time to heed the call,
Yet, the biggest question still looms, why allow them to be made at all?

Finally, just so there is no misunderstanding everyone needs to know,
God takes no pleasure as his girls dance half naked on stripper poles,
And not even by the slightest margin of the smallest, slimmest chance,
5/13/10 Miley Cyrus 17, grinding her butt on a 43 year old in a lap dance.

The fact that the guy in the video is her movie producer & that he's gay,
Doesn't excuse Disney Production allowing her to be marketed this way,
Sexually implicit gyrations and innuendo does not bring the Lord glory,
However, what it will bring is eternal residence in the city of Crematory..

June 2010 here we go again, another edition, The Bimbo Revolution II,
Cover of Vanity Fair, what does Cameron Diaz say we are here to do?
She claims our purpose is that we were created to have plenty of sex,
Another generation choosing the world & the word of God they neglect.

2010 a recent episode of the, 'Newlywed Game' to wives this question was read,
Husband's male friend or your female friend, which would you prefer in your bed?
Are you kidding me, obviously not, three wives, 'their girlfriend' is what they said,
Say what because either way better realize this is how people end up being dead.

Although there are many revelations just one more then it is time to go,
God isn't pleased with the story of pimp turned rapper in Hustle & Flow,
Nor acceptance of homosexuality & I don't care how popular the show,
Impurity, immorality, indecency is more stupid than Larry, Curly & Moe.

Question: why is much of today's youth culture dumb as a box of rocks?
Answer: because of all the irrelevant, silly, corrupt programs they watch,
On top of that, listening to most of this era's drug induced violent songs,
It's no wonder hate, death & destruction so willfully follows right along.

Just because this crap flourishes don't think our Lord is not annoyed,
It is this sinfulness that caused Sodom & Gomorrah to be destroyed,
And for those who continue promoting this unrighteous, ungodly path,
On 'Judgment Day' you will not escape the vengeance of His wrath.

Oh no! Just when I thought it couldn't become more sinful & stupid wait,
All the rage now are actresses gaining fame with homemade sex tapes,
One has nerve to say she will use the tape to help raise her unborn son,
Now there's Bimbo Revolution III, the wiles of Satan aren't over & done.

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