BLI ( / Atlantic Hlds., NJ, USA)


Rush, rush, into the bingo hall,
before your late, if you come to early you'll have to wait,
boards they do cost money, to much if you ask me, but that's the
way it has to be,
now looking for a table, you'd be better
off standing up if you able,
out comes the chips, the dabber and the tape, make sure you run
to the bathroom before it's too late,
on the way back you stop at the coffee line, seams to be moving
along just fine, couldn't help buying a piece of cake, Oh, what's a pound for goodness sake,
then you sit and fumble on those chairs so hard, while you
straighten out your bingo cards, soon... a person walks by
yelling specials! So you say you'll have beef on rye with lettuce
then he throws colorful paper at you, specials cost too much to!
Six old ladies are busy talking, sounds like a couple of hens
squawking! Everyone yells be quiet, or we'll make a riot.
Just when you think your getting close, and it's getting fun,
someone yells Bingo! I won! As the
smoked filled room makes you want to gag,
you see a spider has crawled up your bingo bag,
full card is the last card played, it is the longest game,
but if you win it, your name spreads like fame, leaving you have
to watch the stampede for the door, so what do you think bingo a bore.

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