Beyond Our Universe

who knows beyond our universe
there may be
a million more

where the stars are never counted
none of us
can see that door

I do not mean the door to heaven
beyond this door
there is no name

there are fires we cannot feel
out there burns
a darker flame

no one really knows for sure
like all I choose
to choose my belief

I choose this one to bolster me
because we have
no grand motif

beyond our science or our faith
so many things
we cannot see

but even I may hatch a plot
to tightly close

out there I believe the dark of stars
provides a sacred
ponderous weight

that will bring the suns together
to create
a hopeful fate

some have asked me what I mean
it's hard for me
to clearly say

it's just the rambling of my mind
to shield destruction
and dismay

for then the universe can't die
but lives on

this is the blessing of the stars
far beyond

by Barry Middleton

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This terrible pain can rise to beautiful poetry, and you'll heal, Nisha.