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Bingo Review

All the world is a stage
And all the men and women are mere players
We all have our goings out and our coming ins

What do I say
What do I tell myself to make it better
I hurt
I hurt
I hurt

And life goes on…

I could have given you words
I could have given you emotion
I could have reached in and pulled out my tattered heart
And shown you old wounds still oozing
And how I bleed now

I could have shown you feeling
Diaries full of tear stained pages
Of days when I missed you so much I couldn’t breathe

Cold he says
Stone cold
How easy he forgets
How little he knew

Instead I gave him strength and I used wisdom
He mustered anger as I do now

He wanted me to hurt as much as he did
Mission accomplished

And life goes on…

Now I am left with memories I do not want
And an analyses of things that leaves me wasted

Should I complain
Scream, rant and rave
My trees fall in the forest

His happiness was something I sought
So let him have it in the arms of another
One day lord, give me arms that will hold me tight
And make me happy again

And let none of us hurt this way again

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This terrible pain can rise to beautiful poetry, and you'll heal, Nisha.