Biology Lesson

Poem By Herbert Nehrlich

The student asked, 'what is it then',
the answer came as it must come.
So here's a little lesson:
A naked mass of protoplasm,
not animal nor really plant,
called proctoctists, and they hang out
in nether regions, thus the name,
Proctologists beware.
Their proper name is molds of slime,
or slime-molds, are they coprophagic?
They eat bacteria, fungi, but prefer
decaying matter like the dung
of bovine creatures, soft and warm,
thus coprophagia does apply.
They creep, a sign of low-life trait,
now classified as Eucarya,
which should not be confused at all
with similar religious names.
So, here you have, in one nutshell
or shall we call it ball of slime:
The molds form spores, which quickly spread
become amoebas, turn to slime.
Most slime is now considered as
obnoxious to the human eye.

Comments about Biology Lesson

What an interesting poem! Keep up the good work!
Fascinating little thingies. This was written in response to a student who requested a simple answer to his loaded question. H

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