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Poem By Sidi J. Mahtrow

What's the unwashed, unschooled,
panic-stricken consumer to do?

It happened in St. Louis as I recall.
One particular beer drinker in the fall
Liked to have an egg in his beer,
In fact lots of eggs in his beer,
Or was it a lot of beer in a stein,
With raw eggs therein?

Now this may sound
A bit distasteful to those around
But for a nation that has embraced
Goldfish swallowing, or a taste
For eating raw oysters, or
Chocolate coated ants and more.
Or, other delicacies in fact
Such as honey with the comb intact
(Perhaps with bee larva as well) ,
On this we will not dwell,
It just represents one more
Unusual dietary practice to abhor.

But I digress.

The beer drinker you see
Developed a biotin deficiency.
As eggs contain a protein
Called by biochemist, avidin.

Seems the claim to fame of avidin
Is that it binds, that is, shackles biotin.
Hence, lots of beer in St. Looie
Meant problems out the cazooie.
Biotin, after all is essential to life and limb.
A fact unknown to our beery him.

Necessary to avoid fatigue and muscle pain,
Plus nausea and scaley skin of dermatitis fame.
One must have a bit of biotin
Free, the doctors explain.
So before you embark on a diet
Or listen to a 'nutritionist' invite,

Think about it.

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very informative Sidi!