Conflict (Couplet)

Madness creates the atmosphere of Hate
And blindness follows it to where Conflict waits.

Reason is alien to those who feed wayward minds
With turmoil, men exact destruction where Death binds.

The innocent as prey, in treachery and malice
Are slain and snuffed away as though their blood would suffice.

Conflict like a monster inflates with heightened thirst
Swells as a stinking cancer - does not get better, it gets worse.

Cynthia Buhain-Baello~~~~01.17.1

by Cynthia BuhainBaello

Comments (4)

Lovely composition. Sheer poetry.
I really love the first part of this poem. However, I'm a little confused on why it is the tree is afraid of the spring arriving? I get the whole covering itself in green aspect, this is what occurs in the spring. But why is it afraid? You would think it would be the opposite and be afraid when winter arrives for then it bares it's nakedness for all to see!
A beautiful poem which I read with curiosity and happiness.
........this is a beautiful tribute to spring.....and definitely spring is my favourite time of year.....congratulations on poem of the day....